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TL;DR – Why Snapchat?

Snapchat is by far, one of the most common social networks around the world. With over 250M daily users, you can be sure your client is there.

It’s not just for kids – 50% of Snap’s users are over the age of 25.

The Snapchat ad experience is a fresh take on advertising – unique formats and interesting content adds up to an engaged user.

Many options to advertise – From story to Snap ads, you can be sure that the platform’s flexibility will work for your benefit.

People are addicted to Snap – Snnapers use the application 25+ times per day, with 60%+ of them create new content daily.

TL;DR – Why Mr. Snapchat?

Honestly, advertising on Snap is hard. The platform is relatively fresh and working on it isn’t as easy as advertising on FB or Google.

The best thing I can share with you is my experience. With more than 270 campaigns behind me, and $1.6M spend over 2019 – I can say I know how to work with Snap and deliver results.

I’ve been the block for a few years now, and can offer you many solutions.

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